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At Fairfood, we don’t stop at spotting an issue – we take it one step further and actively contribute to the solution. Our solutions for a fair supply chain take on the form of innovative tools or knowledge platforms that help align different stakeholders. They all have one thing in common: they are widely available, so everyone can start and make a difference.

Our solutions


Who are the people behind your products? How are they doing? Trace helps companies answer these questions while they trace their products all the way back to the farmer.

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fair food - afbeelding van een boer - solutions for a fair supply chain

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Afbeelding boer en consument oplossingen - solutions for a fair supply chain


ALIGN guides companies once they set themselves the ambition to realise living wages and incomes in their supply chains. The platform offers research, tools and potential partners, and guidance for the steps that are yet ahead.

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Living Wage Lab

Companies often aren’t able to solve the problem of low wages alone. That is why the Lab brings together representatives from government, producers, retailers, NGOs and certifiers to come up with solutions together.

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Case studies

  • Blockchain

Trabocca: In pursuit of poverty free coffee

On their journey to poverty-free coffee, Trabocca saw the importance of transparency and traceability, and employed our new platform, Trace, as a tool to answer the question whether coffee farmers are earning a living income.

Menno Simons

Director bij Trabocca

“With Trace, we are forced to do more digging. This presents us with realities that need fixing, and allows us to look for solutions. I see this as a part of a larger scheme. It’s a foundation to start building a more sustainable future.”

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  • Blockchain

RECLAIM Sustainability!

In this 5-year programme, Fairfood and partners work on genuine sustainability, that enables the people who produce our food to earn a living income and have a voice in the decision-making process. This page tells the story of the work we are doing.

Jose Omar Rodriguez Romero

Founder of coffee cooperative Capucas, partner bij Honduras

“Nowadays everybody wants to develop something with blockchain, which in the end comes down to simply… traceability. Working with Fairfood, we experienced connection, which is something different.”

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