Report: future foods, smart supply chain

Blockchain technology has been widely acknowledged as a potential tool for safe and transparent interorganisational information sharing. By cutting out middlemen and automating agreements, the technology offers completely novel ways of smart supply chain management and financing. In this info sheet we will take a look at the most common challenges of international agri-food supply chains and the ways in which blockchain solutions allow us to tackle those challenges by mitigating risks and increasing value for supply chain actors.

This is an initiative by the Blockchain for Agri-food (B4AG) Community, a result of a partnership between Fairfood and CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation). The community exists of different actors in the agri-food sector who share blockchain learnings and work together towards a better food system. Both the community and community content are free and open for anyone to access. Join the community for weekly blockchain for agrifood news!

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This article is made possible with the financial assistance of CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation). The views expressed above can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of CTA.

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