Looking back on year 1 of RECLAIM Sustainability!

It’s over a year ago that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted us a fund that gave life to the RECLAIM Sustainability! consortium. Together with our partners Solidaridad, Business Watch Indonesia and Trust Africa we embarked on a 5-year journey to realise genuine and inclusive sustainability in global value chains, where the voices of farmers, miners, workers and citizens are well represented in decision-making, and civil society is strengthened. Time to look back on year 1!

Year 1 was all about planting seeds. Figuratively. The first phase of the programme to Fairfood is all about proving the business case for transparency and traceability, for agri-food companies and farmers alike. We will do so in three pilot projects, for coffee and cocoa supply chains originating in Sierra Leone, Honduras and Uganda.

We embarked on several field trips to identify key actors’ relationships, onboarding agri-food companies as partners, and start mapping supply chains, thus laying the foundation for the projects. This 2-pager tells the story of our efforts:

Download 2-pager

It seems you also care about the people behind our food.

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